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Justo para este momento: disfrutar de la soledad, respirar serenidad. Buscar entre la niebla tu aura sin preguntar al destino que es mejor. Seguir el camino al que vamos sin sentir temor. 

Right for this moment: Enjoy the loneliness, breath serenity. Look between the mist for your aura without asking to the destiny what’s better. To follow the path we are going without fear. 

Technicolor Fabrics, Ruleta. 

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Te encontré! Corazón mio muy feliz!!

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Porque la vida es muy corta para ser normal.

The Kills, Cheap and  Cheerful

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He who has found the meaning (of existence).

Around 6 years ago, a young gentleman from Jalisco, used to play as a drummer for one of the best indie mexican band at the time and some others. He was on tour with them, discover the marvelous and magical musical world right to decide that he needed his own voice and sound… And then, Siddhartha was born.

The gentleman had his own color, his own personality and rhythm… a great project was born and recognized by grammy, tv music channels, radio and magazines. Back then he sounded solo, now he sounds like a band accompanied with creative minds and tonight we will meet. 

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I made this journey once before

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After a pause of music in my beautiful city Guadalajara, the seasons of concerts began. Sadly to our universe, Cerati past away after 4 years of being in a coma… Another icon that goes to the place where the giants jam together. 

Here, with the living ones: Magazine anniversaries, regional bands, international, festivals… the waiting finished and the day is here. Even though it started with Bear in Heaven playing in RAD anniversary, it is this next sunday 7th september that my dearest of all, one and only band - I am a total groupie of them-: DEFTONES come to make it official… well at least, for me. 

After them the wave will grow higher with a little bit of everything

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You may change it or not. But the world, YOUR WORLD is the one inside your mind. 

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If you’re living the same rainy night as I am, you may want to listen to this:

"She said, "Hello, Mister, pleased to meet you"
I wanna hold her, I wanna kiss her
She smells of daisies, she smells of daisies
She drives me crazy, she drives me crazy

Gonna take her for a ride on a big jet plane
Hey hey, 

Be my lover, my lady river
But can I take you, take you higher?

Gonna take her for a ride on a big jet plane

Gonna hold you, gonna kiss you in my arms
Gonna take you away from harm

Gonna take her for a ride on a big jet plane.” 

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And for another round… The Hives. 

It was 7 years ago, a regular February saturday in an open field in a little town called Toluquilla. There was this festival organized by a famous cigarette company, you could only access by email invitation.

On the register, they gave me a t-shirt and two packs of cigarettes, which was awesome because you only had to pay for your beer and save cigarettes money. As impossible as it sounds, I didn’t know some of the bands in the line up, so my ears were about to listen to new music for the first time and what better way then do it live. 

They had two stages, one for electronic and the other for bands. I was far away from one of the stages until a guitar called my attention, I was dancing already at some rhythm that sounded like punk or garage rock. And I didn’t stop dancing… It was The Hives, Declare Guerre Nucleaire… I was jumping dancing shaking my head, I just couldn’t stop it, because they’re not only handsome and Swedish,  they’re show men and great musicians… Randy spoke in spanish and started to interact with us like an old friend and creating the magic of one of the best live bands I’ve ever seen.